Project Management Topics
Fundamentals of Project Management, Project Documentation/Reporting,
Team Buiding Tools, Effective Meeting Tactics, Project Communications,
Project Scope, Project Quality, Procurement/Contracts for Projects,
Establishing & Running a PMO (Project Management Office)

Soft Skills Topics
Communication 101, Getting Others To Do Their Job, Personality Types,
Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Others' Expectations,
Professional Image - It's Not Just About the Visual, Stress Management

Consciousness & Congruency Topics
Right Thinking, How To Use Affirmations Effectively, Meditation, Daily Rituals,
Chakras 101, Respect For Others, Gratitude & Appreciation, Forgiveness,
Journaling, Dream Analysis, Daily Mysticism, Visualization, Living Lessons

Consciousness & Congruency topics can be combined with Soft Skills &
Project Management topics for an integrated approach to each subject.

Presentations on these topics for group meetings, workshops,
retreats and conferences are also available.