Reiki is a subtle yet powerful form of energy therapy. The name means "Universal Life Force Energy" with "rei" meaning "universal" and "ki" meaning "life force" as in other forms of the word "chi" in Tai Chi or "qi" in Chinese healing practices.

The practice of Reiki can be traced back thousands of years and is quickly becoming one of the more readily accepted complementary treatments in today's medical environment.  Reiki is taught in many nursing schools including Yale, Brown, Harvard and Stanford.  It is also in use at the Mayo Clinic to assist patients with the side effects of chemotherapy.

In addition to easing a number of physical ailments, Reiki is extremely helpful in reducing stress and anxiety as the recipient experiences a sense of calm and peace that can last long after the treatment as one's energy becomes balanced.

At advanced levels, one learns how to clear negative energy from the environment and set the stage for positive outcome in a variety of situations - both business and personal.  An introduction to the aspects of Reiki demonstrated by quantum physics is also incorporated, which explains how its use for distance healing is possible.

Whether used for physical, mental, spiritual or environmental conditions, Reiki provides a path that leads to congruency and a higher level of consciousness as one grows in strength and awareness with continued use and practice.

Private sessions available by appointment for a fee.
Training classes scheduled quarterly - tuition specific to class level.

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